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Blue Depression Glass

Blue Depression Glass

Blue depression glass is one of the most outstanding collectibles amongst glass of the depression era. Blue depression glass looks amazing after it has been cleaned. It is always sparking. It may be fragile but if it is handled with care, it is one of the best pieces of glass wares. Most of the depression glass manufacturers opt for cobalt blue for the color of their glass wares. Nearly all companies made their product in this unique color.
Blue is a color that represents loyalty. It stands for union and being united. It may also signify courage. The color was symbolic during the period of depression in American history. It speaks of hope. It encourages people to be courageous and remain loyal.
People that lived during the period of depression are in dire need of encouragement. So, the glassware manufacturers took it upon themselves to encourage people in a symbolic ways.

It is worthy to remember that all the glass wares of the depression were produced en-mass so that they can be made available as cheap as possible. Many people cannot afford luxury at this period of time.
There were some companies that bought depression glass in bulk to hand it over to their customers as incentives for increasing their patronage. This was a strategy that allowed many of these businesses to increases their sales during the depression era.
Blue depression glass has been the favorite of many housewives during the time of the depression. Blue depression glass also comes in different patterns. Some of the patterns that are common to blue depression glass are avocado, block optic, etc.
Blue depression glass also exists in variety of colors. Among these is cobalt, blue, ritz blue, opaque delphite blue and so on. The most common of all these colors is cobalt blue.

Most of the manufacturers of these glass wares used the same patterns with as many color as possible. Some pieces were also produced in different colors either as parts of a set or as single piece of an item. Depression glass was so cheap at that time.
Since depression glass was not made to become collectibles some years later, most of them have become broken and/or damaged. Since they were produced in large quantity, quality was not a priority.

The few that have survived to the present day are highly sought out in the market. Due to the level of demands for depression glass as collectible these days, it is becoming scarce in the open market. This has increased their values.
If you are having blue depression glass at home, you may be having property of great value. It is one of the items that collectors are on the lookout for. Depression glass will continue to be highly sought even for many years to come.