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Clear Depression Glass

One of the rarest pieces of this glassware is clear depression glass. It is also known as crystal glass. This Depression glass is highly sought-out by many collectors. These few items that are still available in museums and private collections are the dream of dream of most collectors. Due o the level of demands for crystal Depression glass, it is no more available in the open market.

Most of the collectors are still hunting for the few pieces that have survived the decades to this present time. Some pieces of depression glassware can still be found in old homes and at auction sites. Crystal Depression glass is one of the scarce glassware at present.

During the period of the depression, only the rich could afford this crystal Depression glass. It was a tough time for most families. It was very difficult for many to make ends meet not to talk of buying or storing glass wares.

The people that were affluent enough to get these unique depression glasses were very few. So, it is possible to come across clear Depression glass in some ancient homes of the affluent.

Clear Depression Glass is Rare

Being a rare piece, it has a lot of value. Clear or crystal Depression glass is one of the items that many people can afford to put high dollar price tap upon. A crystal depression refrigerator bowl in the crisscross pattern that is found in good condition along with its cover can be valued at about 500 dollars. At an auction, it can even sell more than that.

Clear Depression glass was just one of the colors adopted by the manufacturers of glass wares during the Depression era. The items and pieces found with crystal appearance are translucent making it elegant items to adore homes.

Many home-owners especially young housewives like to have these set of rare pieces of Depression glass in their collections. To many, it is a source of pride having as many complete sets of these glass wares in your homes. The obsession to have the glass wares at all cost drove young women to patronize many companies that were giving Depression glass as a token of appreciation for patronizing them.

Since the demand for clear depression glass and other colors like pink, blue etc are on the increase, the price of the collectible have sky-rocketed in recent times, As long as the demand exceed supply, the value of the crystal depression glass will continue to soar high in time to come.

This makes crystal clear Depression glass worthy of investment most especially by the collectors. The potential return on investment (ROI) on Depression glass is very high. If you have original crystal piece of Depression glass in your custody, you are having substance of value in your closet.

Since the clear Depression glass was mass produced to cater for people during the depression period, not many of them have survived to this present time. For the ones that have been preserved over the course of time, they have great worth and value. Collectors can invest in the Depression glass especially the rare piece with the assurance of recouping their investment with profit in the nearest future.