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Depression Glass Values

What Factors Contribute to the Highest Depression Glass Values?

This great glassware is a hot item among the collectors. Lovely pieces can be found at home, auctions, stores, museums and other places where antiques are on display. Some of these depression glasses have been preserved and passed down the generation as priced treasures among families and household. There are several factors that determine the Depression glass values. Some of the factors that go a long way to determining the values of Depression glass values are discussed as follows:

Depression Glass Patterns

The value of a depression glass  item is highly dependent on the pattern of the glassware. Depression glass pattern for different glass wares is unique and has different price tag attached to them. Depression glass with intricate and oldest pattern also costs more than others that had been identified in the history of Depression glass. The pattern is also synonymous with design.  Different designs were adopted by different manufacturing industries in order to add their innovation and creativity. Some of these patterns are to inspire people during the depression period that the future would be bright for the nation of United States. This help determine the depression glass values.

Depression Glass Colors

There are many colors associated with Depression glass. Some of Depression glass patterns were also manufactured in many colors. However, some colors are popular and widely accepted by people. This made such Depression glass to the most preferred. Few of these have survived to the present. They are very scarce and highly expensive.

For instance, some people preferred blue Depression glass wares and the color were in very high demand as at the time of manufacturing Depression glass. Pink and Green are other colors that were in very high demand. This preference has raised the values of Depression glass wares found in these colors. Again, this is another factor in determining the depression glass values.

Depression Glass Pieces

The type of piece of the glass ware will also affect the value of Depression glass. There are some pieces like candy dishes that are very common and can be found easily. The ease and convenience of collecting these has reduced their prices significantly. Besides, these can be collected just by anybody and do not carry a high price tag. Different patterns are found on the pieces. Depression glass pieces include tea cups and saucers, glasses and goblets, cream and sugar sets, pitchers of various sizes, plate of various sizes, trays and cake plates and so on.

Sometimes, the value of the pieces cannot be identified easily. Besides, history surrounding some pieces of glassware may not be readily available. Hence, it is not easy to attach the right value to some of the pieces of the Depression glass.

Depression Glass Condition

This is one of the most important factors that greatly influence the value of Depression glass. It is obvious that some of the conditions of the Depression glass are as a result of the manufacturer’s errors or flaws. This may even goes a long way to determine the originality of the Depression glass. Often, these industrial flaws will not affect the value of the glass significantly. Also, minor issues like minor scratches and flea bites will not have much effect on the value of the glass ware but major conditions like cracks, chips, unintended etching may drastically affect the value of the glass wares. This is what will have the most impact on the depression glass values.

Depression Glass Rare Pieces

If a piece of Depression glass is rare and is in high demand, the price of such will soar. This is conformity with the law of supply and demand. When demand for a commodity is higher than the supply, the result will be increase in price. So, rare pieces of Depression glass are more expensive than the common ones that can just be found anywhere.

These are just some of the factors that can determine the values of glass wares of the depression. The value of some of depression glasses can run into thousands of dollars while some may cost just few dollars. The collectors should be well aware of the parameters to use in determining the Depression glass values. This will help those who are interested in Depression glass as collectibles not to buy common pieces at inflated prices. Depression glasses are collectibles that will continue to be relevant for collections for many years to come.