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Green Depression Glass

About Green Depression Glass

One of the things that make Depression glass worth collecting is the vast array of colors in which it is made. Green Depression glass is one of the antiques of the depression that has attracted a lot of attention recently. High value is also attached to some of these pieces. Most manufacturers of Depression glass rolled out their products in different colors to see which of the colors would attract a higher patronage.

Green Depression glass wares were highly acceptable during the Depression era for its elegance, beauty and attractiveness. Display of these set of glass always attract compliments for the owners. Housewives fancy having these set of elegant glasses as part of their wardrobe.

Green Depression glass is also synonymous with growth that was expected to be experienced by American nation in not too distant future from the period of economic recession. The choice of this unique color by most of the manufacturers of depression was therefore symbolic of what is to come.

Between 1920 and 1940, only three companies were known to be producing depression glass in order to lift up people’s spirit  during the worst of all times in American history. These were Federal Glass, Hocking Glass, and Macbeth-Evans. There three companies produced cheap colorful glass wares. The glass wares were also mass produced so that the cost of each piece would be affordable.

Most of the Depression glass produced by these companies and many others were bought at relatively cheap price. Some of the green Depression glass was package as gifts for purchasing certain products from some companies. Small businesses and services handed over some of these glass wares as a token of appreciation for patronage.

Green Depression can be found in different patterns. Some of these pattern include cameo, avocado, princess, colonial, optic paneled, block optic and so on. Each of these patterns usually adds to the elegance and attractiveness of the glass wares.

There is hardly any piece of Depression glass that was not produced in green color. It was a color of choice by most manufacturing companies, hence; there was hardly any piece of Depression glass that will not be available in green color. Some of the most common pieces with green color include: glass, goblets, candy dishes, tumblers, plates, etc.

The beauty of green Depression glass is better beheld than described. It is glassware that speaks of hope during the period of hopelessness and gloom in American history. Consequently, green Depression glass wares are collectibles with high investment potential returns. Many people are ready to pay any price have these glass wares in their custody.

This presents an opportunity for collectors to tap into this ready market and utilize it to their advantage. Green Depression glass have always received higher acceptance rate and will still continue to be in the time to come.