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Pink Depression Glass

About Pink Depression Glass

When Depression glass came to existence, it was made in diverse colors. Blue, green, amber, crystal (clear), yellow, pink etc were common colors in which depression glasses were found. These diverse colors also arose from the fact that there were many manufacturing companies in the glass industry that offers glass wares as encouragement to people during depression period. Apart from being made available as cheap as possible, there were various colors to choose from.

One of the colors that a lot of value is attached to is pink Depression glass. The pink color was one of the most preferred colors. This might be due to its attractiveness and beauty. The manufacturing companies also noticed that it receives higher patronage than other colors. It increases the value of the pieces that was found in this color.

Hocking Glass Company started making pink block optic Depression glass wares. These glass wares of the depression period were made with parallel creases enriching the glass. Due to the presence of parallel creases and vertical infused hires, they were regarded as block optic. Hocking glass companies also manufactured other glass colors like amber, green and crystals.

One thing that differentiates block optic glassware patterns is that they were never reproduced. Pink block optic glassware had a range of glass cups, tumblers, bowls pitchers, creamer sets etc. Pink Depression glass stands out for its splendor and charm. These glass wares are mementos of an unforgettable past. Even in tested times, the beauty still endures.

If you happen to have a crystal (clear) and pink Depression glass refrigerator bowl in good shape and condition, most especially, crisscross pattern, you may be having a treasure of great value at your disposal. These pink depression glasses were valued around $300 and $335. Some were not even aware that pink depression glassware are one of the rare pieces that are most sought out by collectors.

Pink Depression glass is especially popular color for collectibles. Most of the original pieces of these glass wares sold for hundreds of dollars. Consequently, collectors are always on the look-out for the color since there assurance that any of its piece will be highly priced in the market.

Reproduction of pink Depression glass is a good way of adding vibrancy to tableware collection. These original and genuine pink Depression glass was made for the period of depression but the color of it is a symbol of encouragement of the good times that is ahead in United States history.

Having these rare pieces in your collectible can be a symbol of hope. Many collectors are the look out today for pink Depression glass. It is possible you have some pieces of glass wares handed over to you from previous generation, there is gold in your custody.

Pink Depression glass is of higher value than other common colors. A lot of premium is placed on this color. This has made the value of the Depression glass wares found in this color to appreciate over the ages.