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Red Depression Glass

About Red Depression Glass

Red depression glass was common to many pieces of glass ware. There were candy dish, tumblers, plates, plate panels, mugs, glass cups, bowls and so on.

Depression glass is a crystal clear or translucent piece of glass that was shared free or sold cheaply during the depression era. Since these glasses were produced in large quantities, they were of low quality. Only few of them have been preserved to this present generation.

Depression glass has become highly collectible since 1960. Consequently, it has become a very scarce item to get in the open market nowadays. This has also increased the value of depression glass over the course of time.

Many manufacturers were involved in the production of depression glass during the period of depression. This gives rise to many patterns and colors of the glass wares. Each of these manufacturers rolled out their products in different colors in order to have variation of the depression glass.

Some of the prominent colors of depression glass include green, blue, red, pink, crystal or clear, amber etc. Some of these colors are highly sought-out for many collectors. Some of the colors are fast disappearing. One of the colors that cannot be found easily in the open market place is red depression glass.

The red depression glasses that are in high demand include the following but the list cannot be exhausted:

  • Red depression glass plate panel
  • Ruby red Hocking old café depression glass
  • Red depression glass butter dish
  • Red depression style glass serving
  • Red depression style juice glass
  • Red depression glass rooster candy dish etc.

Red is an attractive color that can easily catch the attention of the beholder. Red depression glass is one the most striking and attention grabbed pieces of glass wares. Bold colors like red were used by the depression glass manufacturer to quickly and cheaply style the glassware to meet the taste of the people during the depression era.

Many manufacturer prefer the name ruby to red and sometimes both are used together to name the depression glass. Another name used by manufacturer of these glass wares is royal ruby. Red Depression glass is a popular choice for many collectors over the world. One of the reasons responsible for this may be due to the fact that red is a bold and bright color.

Red depression glass was manufactured by major expression glass manufacturers like Jeanett Glass, MacBeth-Evans, Mckee Glass, Fenton Glass, Anchor Hocking, Royal Red, and Imperial Glass. These companies also make red depression glass available in variety of patterns for the populace to choose from.

Red depression glass has become an item that makes a perfect gift for sweethearts and lovebirds. Red is synonymous with love. So, most of the red depression glass have become valuable gift items that lovers can use as a token of their love expression for loved ones.

It is crystal clear that red depression glass has a high investment potential. Collectors who invest into this depression glass have valuables in their collectibles. Red depression is a collectible that many people are willing to buy if you ever have some in your homes.