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What is Depression Glass

What is Depression Glass ?

Depression glass got its name from the time it was made and produced for use in American homes. It was made during the depression era, hence, the name, ‘Depression Glass.’ All these glass wares were manufactured in the United States between 1920s and 1940s. Depression era was the period of economic recession. Companies laid of thousands of their employees as a result of being hit hard by reduction in industrial and economic activity. So, many were laid and thousands of people were without jobs. Many families were not finding it easy to feed. It was a very tough time in American economy.

Some companies came up with the idea of lifting the spirits of people by mass producing cheap, colorful and attractive glass wares that will be sold as cheaply as possible. The price tag of these Depression glass wares was as little as what would be required to purchase a loaf of bread. This Depression glass was priced cheap in order to encourage people to own glass wares. It was also a way to encourage American people that better times were right ahead. What is depression glass i hear you still asking?

Depression Glass Want

Depression glass was therefore very cheap and affordable when it was new. It could be bought as cheap as possible. This glassware was very affordable in the most difficult times in a United State nation’s history. It was also to lift the spirit of a nation that there is hope for the future. Here is more to help you answer: what is depression glass?

Depression glass was also given out free by some companies in order to increase their patronage. It was an incentive by companies to encourage people to buy from them. For instance, sellers and manufacturers would offer a free glass ware on purchase of certain amount of items. It was also a gift attached for purchasing a particular product. Most housewives took advantage of this opportunity in hard times, in order to have sets of these glass wares in their homes. The rationale behind this habit was that there is no need to pay for this glassware separately. So what is depression glass?

Consequently, glass was always plucked from food box one week and detergent box, the next. Some patronized as many sellers and companies as possible in order to claim gifts of the glass wares from each of them. Many housewives and households ended up with different patterns, sets and colors of Depression glass.

When the people that stored up depression glasses were being asked the name of these glass wares (what is depression glass) in later years, they called the glass wares depression glasses. The name was so called to indicate the time it was produced and collected. Hence, the stick to the glass wares to this present day.

Since the glass was mass produced, it was not devoid of manufacturer’s flaws. The quality control of the glass wares was weak at its best. These industrial flaws have become the characteristics of identifying real and genuine Depression glass these days. Scratches and cracks were common to most of the glass wares. They were not actually made to be collected some decades later. The few ones that were preserved have been subjected to tears and wears over the period of time.

Depression glass became collectible in the early years of 1960s.  Some people were fortunate to have been handed these rare pieces of glassware. It is a big surprise that what were once given free have now become expensive items. Only few of these glass wares had been preserved down the generations.

There were variations of colors and patterns associated with Depression glass. Most of these colors and patterns were synonymous with good times that were to come to the nation of United States. Each color and pattern has different prices attached to them. It is very important to be well informed if you want to take Depression glass as part of your collectibles. Collectors should know the characteristics to look for. Be well informed of pattern and colors that are preferable. Besides, some patterns and colors carry higher price tags than others.

For many more years to come, Depression glass will continue to be an antique and favorite of the collectors. This due to the great prices attached to these attractive sets of glass wares. Many companies are also on the look-out for these glass wares, so it is in high demand these days. Glass wares that were mass produced decades ago have now become highly priced treasures. This all should help determine “what is depression glass”.